Company Accreditations


BAFE — British Approvals for Fire Equipment

Choosing fire protection from a BAFE Registered Firm ensures that its products and services conform to recognised standards.

BAFE SP203-1 is an Insurance Industry recognized scheme which ensures that companies that are certified undertake all works and Management procedures in accordance with the relevant standards and are regularly quality audited. Choosing a BAFE SP203-1 approved company guarantees that fire alarm systems are specified, designed, installed, commissioned and maintained by suitable trained and qualified personnel.



FIA — Fire Industry Association

The Fire Industry Association, or the FIA as it is more commonly known, is a not-for-profit trade association with the aim of promoting the professional status of the UK fire safety industry.

The Association was born out of a merger between two longstanding and well-respected trade associations, FETA (Fire Extinguishing Trade Association) and BFPSA (British Fire Protection Systems Association). The two associations had long shared a common interest in the promotion of the professional status of the UK fire industry and the FIA is proud to continue this work.



SSAIB — Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board

Being SSAIB members require us to undergo a rigorous and ongoing assessment of our management systems, quality of installations, technical competence and ethical conduct.

Founded in 1994, the SSAIB is a certification body for providers of electronic security and fire detection and alarm systems, which aims to promote consistently high standards within the industry.

Insurers increasingly require evidence that all reasonable steps have been taken to mitigate risk, Our SSAIB accreditation means we will meet - if not exceed - their requirements.



Safe Contractor

A Supply Chain scheme developed and refined by Government Health and Safety and Procurement Professionals, with the support of the Health and Safety Executive.

Every month thousands of contractors and consultants apply for work with organisations in the public and private sectors. The scheme provides information and assurances that registered companies have been assessed and accredited with competence and meet specific standards in health and safety systems.




The UK's leading procurement and supply chain management service that collects, assesses and monitors standard company information through a question set that is aligned to PAS 91, the standardised pre-qualification questionnaire developed by BSI to reduce duplication within the construction industry.

The aim is to provide efficiency savings to public and private sector buyers and the construction industry as a whole by streamlining procurement procedures and improving the supply chain management processes by reducing risk, creating cost efficiencies and helping buyers engage with new suppliers, including SMEs and local companies.




The CompEx Scheme is now the global solution for validating core competency of employees and contract staff of major users in the gas, oil & chemical sectors, both with offshore and onshore activities and Competency Validation and Certification for electrotechnical and mechanical craftspersons and Application Design Engineers working in hazardous areas or potentially explosive atmospheres.